Slowly emancipating from the feeling of alienation…

It’s been two days since the class has started and undeniably it went smooth, ironic to what I expect it to be. However, no matter how smooth the classes were, there is something going on deep inside me, and that is the feeling of alienation. How I see myself alienated, isolated and couldn’t hardly connect to my blockmates and schoolmates since I am a newbie in my school.

I belong to 2 blocks in this sem, block 1E and block 2D. For me, it brings good feeling and good vibes to belong in many blocks for you’ll have a lot of friends and acquaintances, however at some point of time, you’ll feel alienated and there comes a point that you seem not to connect to them especially with my 2D blockmates.

Nevertheless that I am having the feeling of alienation, I can see in their eyes and their actions also that they never try to alienate me, more likely they were reaching out for me to form friendship perhaps.

Talk about classroom interactions? Well, I felt quite weird and absurd being in a true-blue medical school. It brings me chills hearing all of my blockmates, especially the first year ones having the same goals in life, to become a doctor someday that’s why they too are taking up Medical Technology. Maybe it shall bring me advantages since I know how competitive they are just by looking at them and thus, it shall bring out the competitive spirit in me. I have a blockmate who aspires to become cum laude to continue the legacy of their family, I have a classmate who came from Ateneo de Cebu and who is apparently the son of reelected Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes, I have a classmate who is a child of both doctors. Indeed, I hope they’ll bring out the best me.

Now as I continue my days here in Velez College, I hope to feel groovy and more challenged compared to my past degree and hope to see how Velez will bring me to my threshold of intelligence.

Courtesy of Velez College Facebook Account

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