Waking up from fantasies, facing the realities. :)

I am now waiting for my flight to Cebu here in our airport. I have already checked my bags in, good thing I had no excess baggage and what I need to do now was to wait fervently for the clock to hit 12:55 before getting inside the plane.

I know I may appear ready to go back to Cebu, but I know also deep inside that there are things which holds me back and which makes me not ready to face Cebu and to face reality.

First is that I am still not ready to put an end on my summer 2010. I have really not enjoyed this summer. Summer entails adventures, escapades, beach swimming, but neither have I done with my more or less 1-month vacation. I had made myself busy with regards to my transfer and a lot of things to process that disallowed me to enjoy and make the most out of my summer.

Second is that I am still not ready to face the school.  I have just transferred to another school, shifted to another degree, so this means that by June 15 2010, a different story shall unfurl. There’s a different school to go to, which is approximately 8 kilometers from my old school.  There’s this new environment that I should see to it that I shall blend in. New environment means new set of schoolmates and classmates of course that necessitate me to adjust again. There’s this new uniform, new books, new everything. Well I know it has its own price.

Third is that I think I am not ready yet to leave my family again. Undeniably, it’s hard leaving alone, surviving alone, and doing things away from your family. It is what I think further that it is the number 1 problem that migrating students do have that why I always look forward in going home should there be vacation periods coming.

Lastly, I am not ready to leave Pagadian because of you. I’m going to miss you again like I always had missed you back then. I have only seen you once or twice in this homeward bound of mine,  I know it was somewhat worth seeing you but it’s lacking, I wish to have spent more time, but there are things which would stop us from doing so, we know that.  Very sad, I know. But nevertheless, I hope you’ll take care always.

Now as I watch through the big glasses surrounding this place where I am into right now, though I may not clearly see my reflection, I wish to tell myself that I must face reality once again this time and not a mere reflection or fantasy of what I want. As I get into the plane that will bring me back to Cebu, it shall bring me back to reality, it shall also awaken me, and moreover, it shall confront me with busy and polluted streets, heavy traffics, jeeps to commute, and scalding and scorching temperature that is irony to the thinner traffic, lesser polluted and tricycles to commute here in my hometown. Till we meet again Pagadian. J


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