Thankful I am

Maybe it’s too late for me to say Hello, since I have already bid farewell to most of you. I know that a part of me will be missing you guys since you were what I call “family” in the past 13 months of my college life. It’s sad that I’ve chosen to sacrifice the friendship over my growth but I know that you too will be happy to see me growing and to see my being happy in a new chosen path in life. It was never an easy decision in my part. I’ve had too many things to consider, to mention some are, my new place to stay, my back to square one status in college, and the friendships that shall be sacrificed, which is why I can say it was never an easy decision for me.

The past 13 months of being together was fun, memorable and indeed, it can never be replaced by any other things in life. As what they say, memories play a vital role in your life, good memories strengthen you when you’re down and the bad ones, they will pull you down even more. And memories paint a picture that does not rot, memories stay in our lives until the last air we breathe.

I know never was I the perfect blockmate you’ve had. Never was I also the most friendly, the Mr. Congeniality type, moreso, the friend-of-all type of person. I was directly the opposite. The eagle’s eye for cheaters, the inquisitive type, and the person who has lesser friends. However, you guys never failed to prove to me that I am existing, that I am your colleague, that I am a person despite the faulty things I’ve done and despite the indescribable and temperamental behaviors and mood I have.

The friendship could have blossomed should I have not decided to transfer, yet, I know that this transfer would make me grow as an individual, and perhaps, I know, you would love to see me growing right?

I am thankful to everyone that you journeyed with me in my first 13 months in college. Chose me as the president-turned-SBO-turned resigned SBO. Supported me in the different endeavors in life. Congratulated me for being one of the dean’s lister in the college. Asked for my help when projects come and go. Showed me the true meaning of being a carolinian and made me feel how it is to be your classmate/block mate.

I am not an emotional person neither I am showy of what I feel, but here, I hope that you’ll feel how blessed and how thankful I am to have met you guys. Like what the song say, “It’s a small world after all”, I hope to meet you someday, somewhere here in Cebu. I am just here should there be any outings or get-together. I will never forget you and will wave at you should our paths cross. Thank you so much guys, it had been a nice journey with you.

Best of luck and God Speed eBSNA Class 2013! 🙂


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