Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday!! :)

Indeed it has been 15 years since God has shown his wonderful creations to you, it has been 15 years ago since God has opened your eyes, made you whine, and have let you feel the beauty of this world- inside and out.

And after 15 years, you’re still here; existing, making an influence to other people, loving and showing your care to others, and making some people feel special in you.

I thank God because He has let me know you, He has done something for the both of us to know each other and to affect and influence each other’s lives. I also thank God for not being selfish in letting me know you, and letting you make a mark in my life.

Thank you for the things you did to me, and for the things you’re going to do. I may not be there right beside you to personally say this but I know how I desired to be there to say this to you straight from my mouth. Happy Birthday to you!

This special day of yours mark not only as another chapter in your life but more likely this is a reminder for how many years you have touched, you have influenced, you have cared, you have loved other people. I am lucky I am one of them.

So today, be happy and enjoy the rest of the day full of laughter, full of fun, and full of happiness because this only comes once a year.

Halong ka da kay ginapalangga gid tika. Tani ara ko da aron mahambal ko sa imo ini pero waay man ako, pero sige lang, halin pa ni sa akon kasingkasing Kung ngaa lawig pa man ang enrolment namon, tani nakapapuli na ako da. Palangga gid tika. Halong ka! 🙂

The Birthday Girl 🙂



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