Birthdate month in, summer month out

Today is the first day of June, I remembered. After waking up, breeze of excitement blanketed me as another month is starting to unfurl and many undertakings are set for this month.

I am both excited and nervous about things, ambivalent for short. To explain this ambivalence, I am excited because June talks about many happy things I am looking forward to, such as birthdays, homeward bound, and family get together moments, while I am also nervous since the opening of classes is nearing and that this is not only a new semester but a new degree to conquer.

Month of June should have been an “excitement-filled” month, but why is it that nervousness is starting to equate with this excitement that I am feeling?  Ohh, indeed what I need to do as of the moment is look forward on my homeward bound, my very first since the summer classes ended last May 22,2010. After indeed such a long wait and agony, I shall be on my way home. I know that when I come back here, nervousness will come back likewise, but I’d like to enjoy first this excitement that blanketed me, this breeze of excitement that continues to cool me, and the excitement that I succumbed.

June, should I be excited for you or should I feel nervous as you unfurl your unpredictable happenings?


What say you?

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