Last night, I had an exchange of messages from a certain classmate of mine. I asked her a favor to stay longer in Cebu since there are things which I needed help from her.

Initially, I have not told her yet about my favor but instead ask her when is she coming back to Cebu. Then that went on until the moment came when I asked her a favor.

I’ve waited for a “YES” reply.

Tik tok tik tok tik tok. The time was running still no message came in.

Tik tok tik tok. And, a message came in.

Unfortunately, she did not say yes and said “I’m sorry” instead. She added that she has something lined up on June 1 which makes her not able to stay until June 3 or so.

I felt disappointed, I thought that  serious favors like this would have a yes or would have at least a nice feedback in return. I can still remember that this was the first time I asked for such a significant favor like this and yet it was turned down. What went wrong? Do I miss something here?

So the following afternoon, I called my other classmate, and shared the thing to her. She told me that I must never expect her to say yes since her mind is unpredictable. So the conversation was cut.

Now I realize that no matter how good friends you are, no matter how significant the favor is, you can never expect a yes answer to it. I remember what a teacher once told me, “In life there are two answers, YES or NO. If you don’t get to receive a yes then definitely it’s a no, but if you happen to receive yes, then definitely it’s a yes”. He’s right perhaps. Now I understand how life can be unpredictable sometimes. I am the person who always say yes to favors because of friendships and because of its significance that sometimes I don’t get to decline a favor which I overlooked also that could happen if I were the one who’ll ask for a favor someday, that it’s never gonna be declined. But I was wrong.

I am not making a circus out of this thing. It’s just that I have no outlet for what I felt. I am not the person who holds grudges or who holds something bitter if I don’t get to have what I want but I have the tendency to be childlike in terms of being “luudan” or “tampuhin” in Tagalog. I such feeling right now but I hope it shall pass away. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. Well sometimes you have to say “NO” no matter how valuable the favor will be, and regardless of how deep is your relationship with the person.. Saying “no” to people isn’t bad, it’s just that people have their own choices =)

    1. Yes, indeed you’re very right. That’s the mistake I have been doing, always saying yes. Now, I have to put in mind that no is also an option, an answer, not that I always say yes given the circumstance I had experienced where I really learned something.

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