And so I had my grades evaluated…then?

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So yesterday I presented my grades to the college I’ll be enrolling to this June 3. I had it evaluated first so that when the enrollment time comes, it will be a smooth sailing one, I am crossing my fingers for that.

Almost all of the subjects were credited but 2 subjects were not- Gen. Psych and Biochemistry. It was, at first, disheartening because I’ve worked hard on it, but I got the point of not crediting it, because the topics we had back then were very basic and what I need to be taking up was a more intense one, which I know would really help me a lot.

So, I just looked on the positive side that I have an edge over my new block mates since I already have a background of both Psychology and Biochemistry.

Hello Biochemistry again, one of the subjects I’ve loved the most in college. Make me groovy again.

In less than a week I’ll be enrolling already. After which, I’ll be heading home, how excited I am to smell the breeze of air again in Pagadian. Air that has lesser pollution than Cebu, and air that makes me feel at home in my comfort zone. 😀


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