Overstaying has its perks..when friends treat you

Today marks my 1st week of overstay in Cebu and luckily some of my friends are here too- Chiqui, Mac, and Golda. We were supposed to watch Prince of Persia and canvass tshirt sizes but because it was nearing 5 pm already so we decided to take a snack ( and I mean heavy snack here) at Dessert Factory. I had General’s Chicken and Strawberry Dreams cake. I did not expect that my overstaying here in Cebu has its perks also. Thanks Mac for the treat.

Chiqui munching her Brownie ala Mode
Janne Eloise
General's Chicken
Strawberry Dreams cake...not so strawberry though

Today happens to be the last day that I can see Michelle also since she’s bound for Manila on June 1 and I’m still in Cebu that time. So, we just enjoyed the time together with talks and laughs and endless ranting about so many things.

Later, Golda arrived with her very cute cousin Kim who was at first shy, but later on, she already talks to us, in ENGLISH, yes, STRAIGHT ENGLISH which made my nose bleed. Imagine, I forgot some english words while talking to her.

Golda with Kim, Chiqui, and Mac

Indeed, my overstaying here had its perks also.


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