Lipat Bahay, Hakot Gamit

Lipat Bahay, photo courtesy of

Now I realized how hard it is to transfer house, and carry your things from one place to another. Just this morning I started my temporary transferring of things to the new dorm that I’ll be staying. Having it all alone made it harder. I’ve had too many things, too many cartons which contains too many books. The irony? I’ve had too many books but never was I a bookworm. 🙂

The sweats continued dripping as I carry my stuffs one by one to the cab, off the cab, and to my new room. The adrenalin continued pushing me as I carry stuffs twice my mass. My arms felt sore after doing everything.  Like my mom tells me, “You should suffer all of this, it was, in the first place, your decision to have changes, then you must conquer all of this”. I know it’s hard but it’s a challenge likewise to prove them that at some point in my life, I can already do things on my own. I know that by putting everything into places, they’ll be proud of me and I’ll be proud to tell them that I did it all by myself.

Tomorrow will be a new day. Tomorrow would be a very disturbing day since my grades will be available and in no time shall be evaluated by the other school. I hope that some subjects will get to be credited. I am already halfway there, I am excited to smell the breeze of air in Pagadian. 🙂

And so, the happy kids does everything by himself, and the happy does this to make them proud. 🙂


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