Syndicate perhaps?

I had experienced one unfortunate incident just this afternoon. After buying some accessories of my laptop at JY Square Mall in Lahug, a man, with a fair complexion and a height like mine approached me. I thought at first that it was not me whom he was talking to, but as soon as I looked back, he was really talking to me.

He was talking to me in a “chinoy” accent. But the irony is, if you try to look at him physically, he does not look like of a chinese descent. He had big eyes, fair complexion, and short height. He does not even look close to a chinoy, more likely a pure pinoy.

He took me to the side of the mall where the volume of people is less. After taking me there, he asked for help from me. He told me that he was told to buy a certain “Electronic Galva” for 30 pieces. He asked me if I know where it can be bought and asked me to accompany him.

I wanted to help at first, but as soon as he was telling me that he is to pay me, and has shown his bundles of money in his pocket, I hesitated. What was in my mind that time is that he might be a member of a syndicate, or he’s after something from me, a modus operandi perhaps?

Another man came into the scenario. He told me that we should help him since he looks piteous. My hesitations grew bigger and that moment have I thought that he might be somewhat his accomplice. I immediately refused and went away telling that I still need to go somewhere important. I left them at that side of the mall and rushed to get into a cab.

Luckily, I saw some of my classmates in SM. They told me that it is one of the modus operandi here of people with bad intentions that take away your things in replacement to the money they will give to you. Good thing I refused to help in the first place. Sometimes, safety is more important than charity.

Lesson? Remember the very basic thing our parents taught us when we were young, that is, never talk to strangers.


What say you?

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