A super late mother’s day message

It may be funny to post a late mother’s day greeting here for mom but since this is my blog, thus I have the prerogative to write what are on my thoughts right now.

Last mother’s day, what I just did was simply sent  my mom “A Happy Mother’s Day Ma! I love you” message. I have no idea whether she would appreciate it or not, but what’s on my mind back then, was the fact that I did my part already, that I’ve sent her a message already and I thought that was enough.

But I was wrong.

I happen to hear this youtube song of Regine Velasquez from my aunt’s FB page, and the message clearly made my guilt move.

The song is really for mothers and it simply describes how special mothers are. Though I know that I love my mom, maybe on that special days for mothers, I have taken her for granted during because I was indeed preoccupied by alot of mind-boggling thoughts. Or maybe the essence of mothers day has never sunk into my mind because of course, I am not a mother, and I will never be! Haha.  Or maybe, it is already implanted in my mind that whatever efforts I’ll do, no matter how small or big it is, it shall always be appreciated by mom. But somehow, I felt the guilt, the shame of just sending her a message, through TEXT. Not even calling her just even for a minute or two because I was being thrifty that time.

Now, I would want to catch up. If only my mom could read this, I would want to tell her how sorry I am for being thrifty that time. I remember some of my blockmates preparing gifts and flowers for their mom and I just had nothing for her, only a text message. I may be not so vocal of what I feel for her, I know deep down my hypothalamus that I love her. After all, I am her kid. The kid whom she took care of after having meningitis. The kid whom she hugged and brought to the hospital swiftly when convulsions happen. The kid whom she spanks and tell harsh words to learn from mistakes. The kid whom she is a number one fan of when he receives awards and distinctions. Indeed, I may not say this as often as I can, I am thankful that God has given you to us. You may not be the perfect mother in the world world, but you’re the best we had and we will always have. Sorry for the mistakes and the trespasses I did, but however, I am thankful for those things because I learned from them and I learned from you. Thank you for being there always and helping me solve my problems from the simple ones up to the most perplexed and complicated. I love you Mama Helen Joann! 🙂

My beautiful Mom. 🙂

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