The red tape

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It has always been the complaint of people processing their papers in government offices how slow-paced, turtle-like and scrutinizing the processes are. You need to go to lengthy lines, series of windows/tellers for verifications, thousands of supporting documents such as valid IDs and numerous steps and processes to be completed before successfully processing your papers.

Indeed what a pitiful scenario this is for an ambitious developing country like the Philippines.

I’ve always heard in the televisions how some people complain about how slow the processing are- 2 days? 3 days? 1 month?, i’ve seen people getting disappointed in offices where in all of a sudden all the “falling in line” done for hours went to waste because of lacking papers, i’ve seen people  getting mad and blaming office personnel for not telling them the “what-to-bring” and “what-to-do” stuffs. Pretty depressing indeed. Good thing I have not yet experienced those things, not yet, not until this morning where I supposedly plan to get a copy for my birth certificate.

Just this morning I attempted to conquer the red tape in order to get a copy of my birth certificate. I was expecting a crowd to welcome me, but not expecting a large crowd. I was wrong then in my expectations. Nearly 500 people welcomed me as I arrived at the office putting me in the bottom 5 of the line.

I became optimistic and told myself that I’ll be able to get a copy of my birth certificate before the sun sets. This is the reality here in the Philippines. Indeed, no pain, no gain. Before you can get a form from the NSO, you still need to pass through series of staircase and lengthy lines. So when I was near to getting a form, I just decided to rush out of the building because I know that if I stay longer, I may pass out. So by that time then, it entered my mind that all the “falling in line”, all the sweats have gone to waste. I indeed, have experienced what other people have experienced of unsuccessfully processing their papers.

After which, I called my mom, and told her to get a copy of my birth certificate on my behalf.

SUCH A RED TAPE, all I can say. I had to pass through lengthy lines, I had to wait for my term, and end up not getting a copy of my birth certificate. Good thing that the senior citizens have their privilege through an express lane, but what about those pregnant women? people with disabilities, or people having high blood pressures and other ailments in their body but still need to fall in line, pass through series of staircase? When will it ever happen that processing of papers will just for an instant? Online processing may be a choice to some, but to most, it’ll just be more expensive.

If I happen to be a member of that certain “DEAR NOYNOY AQUINO” page in Facebook, my advice for the President-Apparent is to eradicate red-tapes in the Government. Red tapes prevent us from progressing faster, if we are really having the ambition of becoming a first world country then we must do all means to be able to reach it. Eradicating red tapes, is one of the many ways of reaching that goal.


What say you?

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