Their last day marks my first day

It’s indeed the start and the first day of my “hell-like” extended vacation here in Cebu. While some classmates and friends of mine have gone home already or maybe have enjoyed today as their last day in Cebu, here I am facing an unfortunate choice to stay here in Cebu since I have some papers to work out still.

Today happens to be Abby’s last day in Cebu also. She decided to invite me over to her crib and have some champorado (chocolate rice porridge) . I immediately went to her crib and there we ate champorado, apollo biscuit (my all time favorite) and some chips. Talks about certain people were never absent, and unfortunate as it may seem to be, we barely noticed how time flew fast. It was time for Abby to go to the airport.

The Chocolate Rice Porridge

My All-time favorite..

I accompanied Abby to the airport. After checking in her bags, we roamed around the airport and  ate a chocolate cake at a certain canteen there. And time flew fast again. Abby has left for Manila already. I went back home and now I am to experience a life alone here in Cebu, with more or less 2 weeks yet before going back to Pagadian.

That chocolate cake
Mactan-Cebu International Airport
Farewell Abby, till I see you in Pagadian

What say you?

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