The farewell talk

I felt the need to talk to our level chairman, MRS. JOCELYN C. CADAMPOG,  in the College about my plans to transfer, of course, the college have sheltered me for almost 13 months and thus it is but a right thing to talk to our level chairman.

The conversation took 30 minutes of our time, but that 30 minutes were full of inspirational messages, and enlightenment which proved again that she is one of the teachers who I really treat as my second mother. Yes, I may have had so many teachers back then, but she was one of those people who was so true to me and gave me advices should there be any problems confronting me.

WE had so many things talked about, education, family, friends, etc. Indeed, one thing I can say is that mothers really know best. They know the answers to your perplexed questions in life, they know what to do when you feel like there’s nothing left to do, they know how you truly feel even when you try to conceal it, and lastly, they care for you when you feel like you’re being cared less by people around you.

Many realizations had entered my mind after the talk, and most of it were thoughts telling me that Ma’am Cadampog was right about this and that. Like them, I am saddened by this change I am about to take, I am saddened because I will truly miss the College, my classmates, and my mentors who I know are supporting me well in my undertakings. Nevertheless, I know that whether I am there with them or not, they will still support me all the way.

To Mrs. Cadampog, thank you so much for the support, I know you’ll always be on my side, like my classmates, and support me all the way up. I will never forget the things you’ve told me ma’am. I will always remember that.



2 thoughts on “The farewell talk

    1. Thanks Julia. You know, I may not obviously display it but I’m thankful because I’ve met people like you and the rest of our blockmates. Of course I won’t deny the fact that I’ll be missing you guys, but I know sometimes sacrifices come in our way. I hope you will change-not, anyway, you know my cellphone number, my email add, and we’re friends in Facebook so should there be any bonding moments, im just a text or message away. 🙂 Good luck also. 🙂

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