Stabbed…Not once but thrice..

I was stabbed. And yes, I was stabbed three times. It was very invasive but there was no blood that gushed out.

Three needles, three sites, three different pains I had to conquer.

The parenteral medication administration is the first of my 2 last set of return demonstrations to be performed before I finally bid farewell to Nursing.

I was the first one who performed the demonstration to my classmate. I injected him using the IM route at the deltoid, SQ route at the triceps and ID at arm. The moment I held the syringe, was the same moment where my aspirations to become a doctor excited me. It was like I was very hungry to perform such skills, to hold syringe, to inject something into another person’s body and I remember then Dr. Christina Yang of Grey’s Anatomy and how she has been very groovy in performing medical skills. Which I would want to become one also, groovy perhaps, in the medical field.

When it was my turn to be injected, it has flown into my mind how painful it was. I’ve heard some of my classmates scream, I’ve seen them cry. Yet, I told myself not to be intimidated. SO, it went on. I was injected in the deltoid site for IM, in my belly for SQ and in my arm for ID. Syringes are 3cc, 3cc and 1cc respectively. Inevitable as it is, pain’s there. So I had to exert a force through scrunching the inflated gloves to counteract and feel less about the pain.

The inflated glove, turned out to be outlet of force.

The return demonstrations went well and we went home late. It was very fun and a very good experience.


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