My Final Retdems in my whole nursing life..

I never imagined it to come very soon, the moment where I shall be doing a return demonstration as part of nursing skills to be learned, for the last time. Yes, you’ve read it right. On thursday and friday shall I be doing a series of return demonstrations for the very last time. And yes, I am quitting and embracing the breeze of change without any hesitations and uncertainties at all.

Don’t get me wrong when I said I am quitting, I am not quitting because I am finding the degree difficult or I am having a hard time. In fact, modesty aside, I have been doing good with my academic standing as of the time being. However, in life we have to have sacrifices. And sacrifices mean letting go of something you don’t want and wait for another one to come, maybe this time, it is what you wanted already.

You might be wondering about “The Breeze of Change” post of mine, I have concealed the true meaning of the post since I don’t want to pre-empt the situation despite the fact that I am already very sure about the change in my life. I don’t want to get confused..especially when people will start to know about my plans, give advices, and seeing myself end up bewildered, bemused, and puzzled.

I waited for the right time to come out in the open. I’ve weighed it first and have thought of the pros and cons for the nth time already. Yet, I came to a decision to stand up, fight for it, since I don’t want to see myself disappointed after college.

Goodbye BS Nursing, the trip with you had been very memorable, had been very exciting, had been very good. I may have not conquered the trek, but I know letting go of you is hard, but it is something that would delight myself, and if, I won’t be successful in the future, at least, there’s no one else to be blamed, not my parents, not peer pressure, but myself. 🙂

And the Happy Kid is about to start chasing his dreams again….by June 2010 🙂


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