It’s almost the end of the summer semester, and apparently it is the finals week. I came across some friends from a college here in Cebu and saw that they were busy studying their lessons. Some classmates of mine too have been busy studying their lessons. What about me?

I have noticed that as the summer semester has been unfurling, my interest in studying has been decreasing also. It has even reached to the point that I get to care less about my lessons, and I get to care less about my scores in every tests and major exams which is very ironic to the past semesters. In the past semesters, I have been very competitive and I have been very aggressive, bloody perhaps, in dealing with classroom competitions that I take it to a point that in no case can my scores be far from those who topped the exams or otherwise, I must be the one who tops the exam. Poor me, that enthusiasm has declined and continues to decline despite the fact that it is the last week of the classes where you are given the last chance to prove your worth for this semester.

I blame it to the subjects I am taking right now. Subjects which are not my cup of tea such as the Physics and Logic. It has already been implanted in my mind that Physics will never be my cup of tea. Even in 3rd year and 4th year highschool, it has never been my cup of tea. I usually take the subject for granted because I don’t seem to understand the equations, the laws, et al unlike Chemistry. Chemistry has been very good to me when I was already in college, but Physics? It’s a d*mn thing for me.

Logic on the other hand, should have been easy only that it was placed at a very ungodly hour. Imagine trying to talk about correct thinking, understanding validity of statements, identifying fallacies, and etc during siesta hours? When I say siesta, I mean 1-3 pm here. Indeed, when our professor starts to talk about the subject and the lesson itself, simultaneously, my mind starts to float till all of a sudden, I am caught sleeping, and subsequently, being embarassed infront of the class whenever my name is specially mentioned.

I am indeed turning lazy this semester. I don’t know what is happening with me. But what I do know is that I am caring less, and having less interest with my subjects. What a very serious situation this is.

I hope that in the following sem, the June per se, my interest of studying will be rekindled. And I hope I get to care more about the subjects I am enrolled in, and the degree itself I am taking up. 🙂

PS: As of this writing, I should have been studying Physics, Health Assessment Lec and Health Assessment Lab only that I am so lazy even in trying to open my book. 🙂


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