A happy kid I am, a happy kid I will always be :)

It was early afternoon when I realized to cut classes. It was never my habit to do things like that, but everything changed abruptly because of someone. 🙂

Our substitute teacher was about to call my name for the attendance roll call and just like the breeze of air, at an instant have I decided to step out of the classroom, grab my stuffs, and skip classes. Whew, that was swift.

The feeling of skipping a class was like trying to hit a hard wall, I was nervous that time. Moreover, I got afraid for I might get caught, or I might miss a quiz or any activity. Negative thoughts are starting to enter my mind. Then, all of a sudden, excitement filled me, overwhelmed me deeply that it has driven even my arrector pilli muscles to excitement.

Those tiny yet sweet gummy bears 🙂
The butterscotch fudge bar and the caramel macchiato 🙂

Gummy bears, butterscotch fudge bar and caramel macchiato of Starbucks turned the skipping of class more than perfect. Making me more alert, more excited, more enthusiastic. Everything was awesome. Enjoying every split second of having skipped class.

Indeed, a happy kid I am, a happy kid I will always be. And the happy kid, have no regrets in skipping classes. 😀 😀 😀


What say you?

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