And it has disappointed me again..

I have always had high hopes on my school and my college. I always have disregarded what other people would say when they ask me what school do I attend to and what degree am I taking up. I, for the longest time, had taken no notice of what people might say or talk about me since I have always paid respect to my school. And moreover, I have always looked my school up as a student oriented school.

Indeed, all those high regards, all those respect and all those “looking up” shattered while I was about to take my examination permit for the Final Exams of this summer semester. I have never expected that the tuition fee, on the last week of classes, and having no knowledge at all, will be added with almost 4000 pesos for the lacking 1 unit of our NCM 100a or the Health Assessment Laboratory fee.

It had disappointed me for some reasons. Initially, the cashier told my blockmates that it was only that day when our college forwarded the supposed “fees” which gives us some doubts whether if the fees were really done in a haste or was it just purposely forwarded on the last week so that there would be no escape from paying it, or was it just a honest mistake at all. Second, it had disappointed me because we didn’t have any gain from our NCM Laboratory subject. We weren’t even exposed to some laboratory skills. It was only this week when they finalized a 2-day schedule for our NCM lab classes. Whew, try to imagine having classes for 2 days will cost you P4000? Lastly, we were not even told or no communications were sent to inform the students ahead of time that a charge will be added since only 8 units were enrolled to us. Yes, we might have not been keen observant in the previous admission slips we had but you couldn’t blame us for that since we had so much confidence that because it was a computerized enrollment, no errors will be committed. And yes, given this situation of errors committed, it would have been better if there was a communication or even verbal announcement of such charges and such situations, but there were none.

After all, I still accept the fact that computers are still being run by people. And it is but a human nature for us to commit mistakes. I just hope that next time this will never happen again, and if given that it would happen again, communication and announcement must be told rather than keeping us hanging with no ideas at all. Disappointments are normal. I can overcome that. I know my high respects for my school and my college will be rekindled once again in the following days.


What say you?

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