An afternoon filled with invasive practices..

Administering distilled water through ID route to Tala

On thursday and friday this week, we’ll be having a return demonstration for the administration of parenteral medicines, one skills that a nurse must possess.

Tala takes her turn in injecting distilled water through IM route

Parenteral meds has so many routes, it can be ID, IM, SQ, IO et al. What the student nurses must learn are ID, IM, SQ. In preparation for our return demonstrations we’re given a day or so to practice for such. I and my partner, Tala Fernandez took turns in administering distilled water using ID and IM routes while I had the chance to administer distilled water in a SQ route for Justin. Indeed the afternoon was very invasive. Cries, shouts and cursing words were heard because the distilled water was so painful when it gets in contact with your inside skins, and muscles. However, I know that everybody felt overwhelmed with joy because another nursing skill was learned and will be sharpened in preparation when the time comes that we shall become nurses someday.


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