YFC C2 Drive Through

Today I joined YFC Central Visayas C2 cluster activity entitled Drive Through. The activity was done in UP High Cebu grounds with participants coming from Banawa, Guadalupe, CSI, and Capitol chapters. We were among the guests.

Initially it was like a sports fest where it featured competitions in different sports events such as Basketball and Volleyball and afterwards, it had a competition of parlor games such as Shatong, Patintero and others.

After the different games and sports events, a talk which had moved my heart followed. Indeed, tears gushed from my eyes after the praise and worship celebration and eventually I felt a feeling of relief from all my anxieties and confusions. I was indeed overwhelmed with joy after joining such activity and moreover, it didn’t fail to let me enjoy the activity. It only cost me P50.00 but what I experienced was more than just my P50.00 could give. It was life-changing, and heartfelt in a sense that I have once again seen a light in a the darkness and a rainbow after a storm.

After the activity, we decided to go to Ayala for Abby will be seeing someone. I too felt excited because this someone whom she shall be seeing is the someone of mine. Hahahahhaa. So afterwhich, we ate our dinner and went home. That was how my day went.


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