Our dormitory and how it defeats its purpose

The dormitory is a student’s home away from home, it serves as his other comfort zone. It is where he sleeps, eats, studies, and in short it is where he lives, and continues the life he has should he decide to attend a school away from his place.

However, unlike the times of our grandparents perhaps, dormitories now have been very commercialized. There are these who do have swimmingpools, recreational things, offer wifi, et al. No exempt to that is our dormitory.

I am staying in a dormitory right now. A dormitory which I thought to be a student-oriented, economic-friendly, and comfortable because this was what our landlady told me when I first entered the very pedestals of this infrastructure. However, things got ironic as time passed by. First, my room was not comfortable given the noise from the cars and other modes of transportations (our dorm is just beside a highway), and now, fees and penalties are rocketing.

How come the management say that they are student oriented and that they offer economic price when even posters placed on walls shall be fined with P100 each poster? How come they say that it is very affordable when they will charge you 200 for laptop and additional 300 if you have your own internet connection?

The rocketing fees and penalties and the very inconsistent management defeats the purpose of being a supposed “student-friendly, and economic” dormitory. I just hope that there is a regulatory commission created by the education department-may it be CHED or DepEd- to regulate the fees of dormitories. If we ever want to have solution to the great inflation of the nation, why would we allow several business owners take advantage of the people? It is partiality at its finest indeed. It may never be unfair to the business owners, but it is always unfair to the student, and much to the parents who are the ones looking for money to be able to pay those things just to give comfort to their children.


What say you?

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