Coming soon in cinemas: The Breeze of Change

Dr. Webber of Grey’s Anatomy once pronounced that changes in life are good, changes are necessary and changes are for the better. I kept on fathoming what he said and keep asking to myself, is it really for the better? Is it really necessary? Does it bring me happiness and contentment?

Over the years, I have always looked on changes negatively. I have always believed that changes bring no good and that it would mean worsening of something that is about to change. Blame it to the changes that happened in my life that brought unfortunate events which had made me believe that changes are not good and it is a negative aura in my life. Since then, I have never opened and widened my horizon to changes and just isolated to the thinking that changes are so not good.

This past days, I have seen my life resembling to the air. Just like the air, my life has been very uncertain. I have been confronted with different confusions and anticipations regarding so many things in life and things about my future. Just like the air, it has breezed to multiple directions that in no case can I sense a straight path. Forward, backward, sidewards and even in a circular motion-no direction at all. Thoughts come and go, decisions come and go, aspirations come and go. It has always been like this for how many months now, and I haven’t seen that it is making my life more miserable than ever.

I know what I want and I know what I don’t want. It’s just that I don’t know how to get what I want which is why I am getting what I don’t want. Confusing huh?

The smoketrail, with its straightforward path.

Just like this smoketrail, I want my life to be straightforward. Straightforward in reaching my goals and no u-turns must be taken, otherwise, I would start again from square one. However, reaching a straightforward path in life is never as easy as snapping your fingers. There are so many things to overcome before reaching it. One is to sacrifice and let go of things. They say that when you let go of a thing, another one comes in, and yet you’re uncertain if this thing is good/beneficial, or bad/disadvantageous. However, if I become coward to sacrifice, I would not reap what I have been longing for- a straightforward life, but, if I become courageous to sacrifice, there are things to let go and things worth keeping.

I have decided to sacrifice and let go. Maybe because I have seen that by letting go of things, so do my apparent confusions will vanish. It was not easy on my part to feel the breeze of change. It took quite a time to discern over things, and to ponder the pros and cons, yet, I was moved with my aspirations to be not only a better individual, but the best of who I am.

Life is very perplexed that sometimes you don’t get to understand it. Life has many curves in which it confuses you and brings you to the wrong path sometimes. But, I stood up and decided. Just like the smoketrail, I want to have a straightforward change in life. I want to embrace the breeze of change. I have decided to have change.  More information about “Breeze of Change” will unfurl on the following days. 🙂


What say you?

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